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The 5,000 square foot shop contains everything you need to get a project done, from table saws and lathes to scrapers and sanders. Unlike working in your basement shop, you won't be alone. If you need a hand lifting something or are unsure how to tackle some aspect of your project, our staff of woodworking professionals will help you out. Access to our shop can be purchased in various increments from 5 hours to unlimited usage.
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Membership Plan in our Woodworkers Shop Block Time in our Woodworkers Shop
Call or visit our store to sign up
Call or visit our store to sign up
Membership Plan in our Woodworkers Shop Block Time in our Woodworkers Shop
Membership Plan in our workshop

$225 One time initiation fee
$65 Fixed monthly dues
Discounts on classes
12 month minimum membership
Block Time

5 Hours $95
10 Hours $150
25 Hours $210
The Shop's saws Shop's Router Tables
Come see!
Come see!
The Shop's saws Shop's Router Tables
We have two Saw Stop Saws running in the shop.
Both are the Industrial saws, one is 5 horse power 3 phase machine with the 52 inch rail and fence set up.
We also installed a custom extra large outfeed table.
The other saw is most set for Dado cutting, and is a industrial, 3 horse power 230volt, 1phase machine.
We have two fixed bench top router tables and two portable tables.
The two fixed and the Large Kreg table take the standard Porter Cable routers.
And the Festool CMS router table has the 1400 router in it.
We mounted the Festool CMS on a mobile cart so we could move it around easier. We also built in the dust collection in the cart and added draws for the accessories and router bit box.
The fixed router table also have dust collection that works.
If you have dust problems at home, stop in and see what we have done.
CNC Program Introduction The Shop'sTurning Lathes
Come see!
Come see!
CNC Program Introduction The Shop'sTurning Lathes
The goal of this program is to provide teachers and students access to the latest CAD Design and CAM machining software. Along with access to the machinery to produce custom parts and projects at a reasonable cost.

The CAD Software

The "Bob Cad" program is a complete suite of 3D programs which are G code based for taking various design program files and turning those files into an executable program file to operate a CNC spindle machine to cut out the design. While this program will operate various types of machinery, we will be set up to support working in wood.
The software provides users with the ability to turn their artistic imagination into a manufacturing reality!
Applications include sign making, custom woodworking, jewelry making, and much more.
By opening a jpeg, Bitmap or other picture type image, users are just a few steps away from seeing their design cut out on the CNC machine.

Cost of the program to schools and libraries is $450 per program/ per computer. Multiple discounts are available.

The CNC Machinery

Students can design and develop a program in school or the library and bring it to "The Woodworkers Club" to have a CNC machine cut out their design. The Woodworkers club will have a 24" by 36" table CNC machine to use.
Student lab fee of $45, includes program review, 15 minutes of wood preparation ( if needed) and one hour of machine run time.

Machine access will be:
The First Weekend of each Month
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday - 10am to 5pm

The first two Monday nights of each Month, 5pm to 8pm

By exposing students to the link between design software and state-of-the-art production woodworking machinery, we can help schools develop a CNC machine curriculum at a fraction of the usual costs.

For additional details please call the Woodworkers Club at 203-847-9663, ask for John
We have five nova lathes for wood turning in the shop.
Two Nova belt drive - manual speed adjusting, two Nova DVR electronic variable speed control, one Nova with dc controller for variable speed. One lathe has extended lathe bed for extra long turning. There is a 36 inch Vega Pro duplicator. A lathe cart with sharpening station and the basic chucks and tools for use.
The Shop's Jointer and Planer The Shop's Cross Cut Area
Come see!
Come see!
The Shop's Jointer and Planer The Shop's Cross Cut Area
We have  a Delta 8 inch jointer and a 15 inch Powermatic planer.
The Powermatic planer is a Helix Head cutter for smoother and cleaner surfacing.
Twenty Four Feet of room for cross cutting when needed!
There is a 12 inch Delta Radial-Arm Saw for rough cutting.
And there is a Festool Kapex for exact miter and cross cuts.
Eight feet of room between machines and eight feet to either side.
The Shop's Wood Boring Machines The Shop's Band Saws
Come see!
Come see!
The Shop's Wood Boring Machines The Shop's Band Saws
We have two drill press, both variable speed.
One Delta 12 inch swing bench-top drill press. One Jet 17 inch swing floor standing drill press.
We also have a Jet bench-top mortising machine.
And there is a Blum boring machine for Blum euro hinges. All set to drill all three holes at once for euro hinges.
Buy your euro hinges from us and we will drill your doors for FREE.
We have Three Band Saws in the shop.
Two 14 inch Delta band saws, and one 18" Jet band saw.