Welcome to the Woodworkers Club of Norwalk Connecticut!

Our fully-stocked retail store carries hand tools, power tools, machine tools, specialty lumber, shop equipment, hardware, and craft supplies like pen and clock parts. As a franchise of Woodworkers Club, a division of Woodcraft Supply, we have access to the over 7,000 items in their catalog, and a truck arrives at least weekly. Whether you need a new drill bit or a new tablesaw, we can provide it.

The 5,000 square foot shop contains everything you need to get a project done, from table saws and lathes to scrapers and sanders. Unlike working in your basement shop, you won't be alone. If you need a hand lifting something or are unsure how to tackle some aspect of your project, our staff of woodworking professionals will help you out. Access to our shop can be purchased in various increments from 5 hours to 25 hours.


Our hands-on woodworking classes and lectures will help you increase your woodworking knowledge. Offerings change from month to month to make sure there's always something for everyone. Each month we have classes in basic woodworking, carving, turning, and finishing, as well as special lectures and classes with well-known woodworking authors and teachers.

The Woodworkers Club has the largest display of Festool power tools and accessories in New England!

Festool firmly believes that they make the finest power tools in the world. Their tools are innovative, ergonomic, easy to work with, safe and extraordinarily durable. The plunge saw, router or jigsaw fit snugly onto the guide rail for accurate, smooth clean cuts. The cordless drills, sanders and planer each have well thought out features that combine with a comprehensive range of accessories to make an integrated tool system. Each tool comes in a sturdy tool box that stack and lock together to protect the tools and ensure easier handling. Come see this unique line of tools can help you work faster, smarter, easier and better.