Woodcraft Store

The Woodcraft Store

We carry hand tools, power tools, machine tools, specialty lumber, shop equipment, hardware, and craft supplies like pen and clock parts. Plus the largest display of Festool products in New England. Whether you need a new drill bit or a new tablesaw, we can provide it. >More info


Classes & Demos

Our hands-on woodworking classes and demonstrations will help you increase your woodworking knowledge. Each month, we have classes in basic woodworking, carving, turning, and finishing, as well as special lectures and classes with well-known woodworking authors and teachers.

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The Woodshop

The 5,000 square foot shop has everything you need, from table saws and lathes to scrapers and sanders. If you are unsure of how to tackle some aspect of your project, our staff of professionals can help you. You can purchase access to the shop in increments from 5 hours to 25 hours. >More info